The Creativity CODE is practical 4 step process that helps people to unleash and re-ignite their creativity. After researching  why creativity has incrementally decreased over the years – we have finally realised we need to take you back to your childhood – not to paint pictures or play on the jungle gym(though this would be very good for you)  but rather to look at the attributes we had as a child which helped make us creative.

Let’s compare the Creativity CODE to a diet and exercise plan given to you by a trainer if you want a six pack stomach. In exactly the same way the Creativity CODE is a plan that enables you to start exercising your creativity muscle that has gone a bit slack over the years.

Using the Creativity CODE, we take you on a journey of rediscovery to help find your 5 year- old self again. There is no hypnosis or psychological training – just pure creative learning through fun and practical methods.


The Creativity Code starts you on a process of increasing your Creative Thinking which according to the Goats2Unicords Hierarchy of needs is essential for Disruption and ultimately Business Actualisation.

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